After slightly underestimating the drive from San Francisco to Yosemite National Park we arrived dead tired and in complete darkness in Curry Village without seeing a single rock or waterfall. So waking up the next morning and walking out of our cabin was a wonderful surprise for our sleepy eyes and immediately compensated the tiring evening before. We were totally ready for this!

It took a while to find our orientation (3 huge coffees) but around noon we left for our first hike.

This is what we did there:

  1. Mist trail: very beautiful and apparently most popular trail scattered with small pathways and staircases leading to spectacular views of Vernal and Nevada Falls.
  2. Sentinel Dome: 360-degree panorama view of Yosemite and a tunderstorm at the top!
  3. Glacier Point: fabulous view of Yosemite’s highlights, mostly crowded, but not on the stormy day we chose out.
  4. The Ahwahnee Hotel: the interior of which inspired Stanley Kubrick for The Shining hotel (have cocktails in the lounge!).
  5. Watch a game of the NBA Playoffs (Golden State Warriors vs. Cleveland Cavalier) at the Curry Village Pavilion.

We didn’t see any bears, (un)fortunately. Yet Yosemite turned out to be an absolute highlight.


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