Another beautiful sunset and nice overview of Lake Powell right before we arrived in Page – a small town near the Colorado river and our next base to go check some surrounding wonders.

  1. Lower Antelope Canyon: a rather expensive and very popular attraction, consisting of a slow 2-hour (obligatory) guided tour and a bunch of Japanese tourists holding selfie sticks, but the amazing curves and terracotta palette down this narrow canyon are definitely worth the while.
  2. Lake Powell: a caddy takes you to the Marine Services, where you can rent a boat and have a relaxed day down by the water.
  3. Horseshoe Bend: of course a very popular tourist spot, but more than reason enough to take the short trail and watch the famous greenish bend of the Colorado River.

All in all Page is a quiet town in the middle of some interesting places to visit. We didn’t reserve enough time at this stage of our trip. Unfortunately we had to skip Zion National Park, Bryce Canyon and Monument Valley to continue our trip southward. But we’ll be back!


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