Grand Canyon

An 80 mile drive took us from Flagstaff to Grand Canyon NP. Dense traffic and full parking lots confirmed our idea of this probably being the most touristic part of our journey. But we were lucky finding a parking space near the South Rim. The place was not as crowded as we expected. Probably because of the rain. Once we arrived at the actual rim, the only thing we saw were clouds. The whole canyon was filled with clouds. No view at all. I actually liked the fact that we didn’t see the canyon in a way everyone expects to see it. For a while we tried to enjoy the view we didn’t have and stared into the clouds when suddenly the whole canyon appeared through the clouds. The grey curtain gradually dissolved and after 10 minutes we could see across the whole canyon. Perfect cliffhanger for this attraction if you ask me. So we hit the road and drove along the South Rim:

  1. Desert View Overlook was the most impressive one. Certainly with those clouds packing together and one minute later being blown away again right in front of us. The Pueblo-styled tower was definitely worth a visit, but a bit crowded though.
  2. The Tusayan Ruin of an ancient Indian home and especially the Museum next to it offered an ideal shelter for another shower passing over our heads.
  3. At Grandview Point the famous Grandview Hotel once welcomed its guests. There is a historic trail that leads into the canyon. At the moment we were not prepared for such a hike but it’s probably pretty cool to experience the huge Canyon from down there.

I’m sure there is a lot more to see in and around the Grand Canyon but we preferred to hit and run this one, ready to reach our next destination: Yucca Valley.


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