The roads between two places are a thing on its own. The one leading us from Page to Flagstaff was no different. On this road we learned from an Navajo jewelry shop owner that released prisoners took this route to walk home from Flagstaff prison. On top of the handmade earrings we bought, the nice lady gave us a piece of ‘petrified wood’ from the Petrified Forest NP a little bit further. It’s a pity our schedule didn’t allow an extra stop here, but we did get a souvenir.

The drive south took us through the deserts to the snowy mountain landscapes where Flagstaff is located. This historical town in Arizona served as our base camp to go and see the Grand Canyon the next day and it was our starting point on Route 66 to the Mojave Desert two days later. We didn’t spend that much time in Flagstaff but we did find some tasty burgers and excellent coffee.

  1. Tasty burgers, home brewed beers and another game of the NBA Finals in Beaver Street Brewery. Make sure to bring your international passports if you’re planning to go for alcoholic beverages.
  2. Super fresh croissants and delicious coffee in the Firecreek Coffee Company. Very interesting place – they also set up shows for DIY bands.
  3. We didn’t pay a visit because it was too cloudy in the evenings but Lowell Observatory, the one that discovered Pluto in 1930, is actually located in the hills of Flagstaff.

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